Republic of Banana. Welcome to the club where the money never lasts.
Where the money never lasts

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So, Republic of Banana was, kind of, a playful term for something quite major that was happening in the City of London at the moment - and is still happening in the City of London at the moment - in which there’s a process of gentrification going on in the City and it’s about people being moved out of town because prices are going up in certain areas.

We kind of flipped the Banana Republic in which it’s like a state control governed by money and capital and turned it into Republic of Banana to talk about our own little island, within the UK, that is London.
Banana… you can also see the banana analogy as like part of the fact that the city of London is ruled by a giant ape by the name of Boris Johnson. We talk about monkeys within that as well and it’s about the king monkey - the King Kong monkey, that is Boris Johnson - ruling over a city in which we are all becoming monkeys in his kingdom.

Have you got anything to add to that?

No, no. That’s sharpo!

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