Everyone is now a target for what they have got to sell
And sometimes I don't know better so I buy their sh*t as well.

T.W.i.N.S - Republic of Banana lyrics meaning


T.W.i.N.S's official lyric explanation

I’m not going to play innocent and pretend that I haven’t been to one of these like, kind of, rustic, artisan bakeries and bought myself a caramel salted brownie or something like that. I’ve been there, I’ve paid £3 for some, like, I don’t know… what are those, like, Portuguese custard tarts called? You know you get them… well, you get them round this area for real but they’ve all come over to East London for double the price.

Anyway, yeah, so I’m just saying that we have… we’ve bought into it ourselves as well. I’m not going to play innocent and say I’m not wholly at fault for what’s going on in that area - ourselves being, kind of, of creative backgrounds. I do feel there is an element - especially in East London - where the, kind of, creatives are, well, also at fault in the gentrification process and the whole coffee shop culture that’s going on there.

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