'Cos it seems so sad to say goodbye to a local shop that had a try
And I'm stuck with going to not one but four Tescos.

T.W.i.N.S - Republic of Banana lyrics meaning


T.W.i.N.S's official lyric explanation

I hate to say it but I remember when Tesco first started taking off and I remember having a conversation with someone and they were saying “that’s really bad… so many Tescos.” And I was like, “well, Tesco, you know, they’re doing well. They were selling food at reasonable prices, seemed to have everything I wanted.” So, I could see why it’s blown up.

I think what I’m trying to say in that lyric is that it’s, kind of, got a bit out of control and there’s a bit of a monopoly on the food supply market which big chains, like Tesco, can come in and just take over an area - especially with their little versions as well.

The people that have their own businesses that are offering something just slightly different - rather than the generic Tesco template - are all disappearing, being bought out and replaced by, yeah, another Tesco.

The area where I live there is… I reckon there is about four Tescos around me, all within five minutes walking distance. Is there really a need for such a thing? Obviously there is because they keep doing it.

But, I hate to think that all the streets will become identical, really. A city needs to have its unique areas. It’s what makes London special and it’s what tourists come to this city for as well.

I think people should think about that because I know Boris Johnson loves money and the money that tourism brings. He should think about the fact that if you kill off all the things that make London special and unique, tourists will go, “well, why should I go to London? We could just hang out in Berlin instead or something.” It needs these quirky charms.

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