I have had enough, I have had enough
I have had enough, I have had enough
IPhone's had enough and I have had enough

T.W.i.N.S - iPhone Song lyrics meaning


T.W.i.N.S's official lyric explanation

You’ve got to face it. I mean, you go to a Mac store or something and you hear people pleading with the Genius Bar saying “you can’t take my laptop away from me for two months… it’s my baby…it’s everything!”

I think people have that relationship with their iPhones as well. Bloody hell! You go to the pub and you’ll get a group of four mates and they’ll all sit there…doing that. No one’s talking to each other and you’re like “what’s this about? Who are we talking to?”

I think we have relationships with these objects and so we took it quite literally and made the story of the iPhone being quite pissed off at being overworked and having to constantly… it’s like being in a relationship, having to work for this relationship - which is a bit one-sided - and iPhone wasn’t getting anything back. So iPhone got a bit pissed off and started going a bit crazy and smashing up things. iPhone has had enough.

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