Wash away my mistakes, wash away my mistakes
These ray-ay-ays, ray-ay-ays

To Kill a King - Rays lyrics meaning


To Kill a King's official lyric explanation

This song is about having a good time with your friends and then seeing in the morning and just feeling like you're reborn and that's like the rays washing away your mistakes.

But the video - again, this was something that we did with Jack King - and it was something that we actually, me and him, wrote together.

We wrote this script which we quite liked the idea of there being a, basically, like a reclused vampire who's trying to do the right thing. He was trying to stay away and not kill people I suppose. But then he gets lured out and then he kills people. It's the very short summary of the thing.

But I think we quite liked the idea of just this quirky guy who hadn't left the house since the 80s. So we tried to make everything in there... like he does breakdancing, he's got this crazy, sort of, long curly hair and he's playing, like, Nintendo still.

I just quite liked the idea of this person who's stuck in his house for that length of time and what they'd be like really.

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