Sing and dance like we were young
Scream all the joy in your lungs oh
Half with a heavy heart
But not with shocked feet

To Kill a King - Funeral lyrics meaning


To Kill a King's official lyric explanation

The track Funeral is a song which is supposed to be a celebration of life. It's about... yeah, celebrating someone's life at a funeral rather than focusing on the loss and that sort of thing.

And I suppose about seizing the moment and living life for now. So it's very upbeat, despite the fact that the song is about a funeral.

The video was a friend of mine called Jack King - whose done quite a lot of our videos, actually. He did our first one for Cold Skin and then he's done absolutely loads... I think he's done about six for us? Has he? Six videos?

Yeah, he's done the bulk of them, hasn't he?

Yeah, so, we really love working with him. He came up with this idea which is, basically, me being pushed around in a wheelchair. So it's my funeral - which was weird to go to my funeral - I thought there would be more people... there.

None of the band even turned up. You were selling balloons...

I was.

Too busy... so, yeah, that was the idea behind it.

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