My mundane future was tugging at my sleeve
Of babies and changings and midnight feeds
If every father in the world thought the same as me
What a state, what a state, what a state...

To Kill a King - Fictional State lyrics meaning


To Kill a King's official lyric explanation

So Fictional State... I was always very keen that it was called Fictional State because it doesn't have anything to do with my own life. It's quite a dark story.

And it's, basically, a couple who've split up and then, since then, discovered that she's pregnant and they're trying to decide whether... what they should do. You know, what the future holds for them.

But, as I say, it's not based on anything that I've gone through or that sort of thing. That's why, within the name, it's Fictional State.

And the video I really liked the concept - again, Jack King did this video for us. It was, basically, the idea was that the kid is... everyone there it's kind of like a family set-up within the home and all the adults are aware that it's a play and it's not real.

But the kid isn't aware and every once in a while there's a little bit where she'll see the director come out of the screen and fix something or do something and it's very bizarre for her.

Then, eventually, there's a big... everyone starts applauding and she realises that it's all just a theatre production and then she breaks free. That's the idea behind the video.

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