I don’t seat so well
Under bangs of busten
And you are in my blood
And you are my blood.

You are my family

To Kill a King - Family lyrics meaning


To Kill a King's official lyric explanation

Family is song about coming home. I wrote it around Christmastime and it's a song about going home and seeing your family and seeing your friends and where they are, who's moved on and who hasn't and... yeah, it's just about that sort of sense and, no matter what you do, that home will always be home and there's nothing you can do about that even if you want to change it.

It's definitely... it's that weird sense as soon as you get to your hometown or village... that you're home and it's just about that really.

I think about how complex family relationships can be because, obviously, you love your family but it's like... it can be complicated, it's not like one straightforward feeling.

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