I stare at you, waiting for these damn bombs to fall
We're waste with love, like our parents did years before
You look strange to me, glowing with our life's certain end
We're silent now, save the warning of the radio

They know, we know
We're not kidding anyone except ourselves
Stop this world for 5 minutes
What kind of chances do we give ourselves?

To Kill a King - Cold Skin lyrics meaning


To Kill a King's official lyric explanation

Cold Skin was written with the idea that... it was a love song set at the end of the world - because I haven't heard anyone write one of those before. So I thought that might be quite good.

It was that idea of the five minute warning, like the end of the world is five minutes and just who you'd want to call and what you'd want to say.

So it's a song about that.

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