I never took away your crutch
Just became it day by day
Blood fillin' up our boots
Whats the use in talking?
All you wanna do is walk
It's all you wanna do
This is how the summer ends

To Kill a King - Choices lyrics meaning


To Kill a King's official lyric explanation

It's about the end of a relationship where the couple... it's kind of... it's a song of two halves. Very clearly it cuts halfway through the middle where it suddenly becomes a lot more optimistic.

The idea was the first half was supposed to be about the end of a relationship and the two are, I suppose, a little bit bitter and it's that talking about "I never took away your crutch, I just became it day by day" is like the idea that... I don't know, you never really healed or completed someone. But you just kind of... you're both, lurching on each other so that you could move forward.

Then, at the end - and, as I say, the first bit is a little bit bitter - but at the end of the song it's remembering, it's how it all started and this optimism that goes with a new relationship and how that's very exciting.

So the end is... yeah, it becomes really upbeat and that sort of thing.

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