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The La's - There She Goes lyrics meaning


'There She Goes' sits with 'Free Fallin'' and 'Every Breath You Take' in the grand list of pop hits which the average joe on the street considers to be really romantic, when in fact the lyrical content is almost certainly much darker. Contrary to mainstream assumptions, 'Free Fallin'' is about heartbreak and suicide, 'Every Breath You Take' is about stalking and 'There She Goes' - according to many sources - is about taking heroin.

The 'she' in this song is no lady, goes the argument, but simply a euphemism for hard drugs. In a sense, that is the true genius of the track. Summery, upbeat, and ultimately feel-good, it makes itself wholly acceptable for radio and TV while all the time subtly pushing the message that smack is ruddy fantastic. It's the ultimate rock 'n' roll trojan horse.

Debate has always raged over whether the heroin comparison is authentic. Bassist John Power commented:

"I don't know. Truth is, I don't wanna know. Drugs and madness go hand in hand. People who you've known all your life... they're steady, then they're not. But you can't ponder, 'cause it kills you, la."

Lead guitarist John Byrne, however, flat-out denied the rumour:

"It’s just a love song about a girl that you like but never talk to."

We may never know for sure. Personally I'm going to assume it is about taking drugs, because that's, like, way cooler.

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