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Facebook The Cleftones were an American vocal group formed in 1952 who were then called The Silvertones at Junior High School 40 (Jamaica,New York)

In 1955, the members of the group were high school students attending Jamaica High School (Queens,New York). The school Political party assembled all the Original members at that time and the group initially formed around the idea of writing a political campaign jingle for Jamaica High School's Independent Party, an unpopular group of students "made up of people who were typically also-rans in all the school activities," which included future members of the Cleftones. Herb Cox (lead singer) along with classmates Charles McGhee (James) (First tenor), Berman Patterson (Second tenor), Warren Corbin (Bass), and William "Buzzy" McClane (Baritone) changed the lyrics to "Gee (The Crows song," a then-popular rhythm-and-blues song by The Crows). As a result of The Independent Party becoming popular & successful through the effort of The Groups singing of their version of "Gee," The "Independent" party won the school election and now the friends began performing Locally as "The Silvertones" in a variety of neighborhood concerts such as at Hillcrest Jewish Center Day Camp in Queens, New York. The "Hit" song "Gee" was originally produced by "gruff music industry legend" George Goldner, who also signed the now New name changed Cleftones to a recording contract in 1955.
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