A lotta people won't get no supper tonight
A lotta people won't get no justice tonight
The battle is getting harder
In this iration, Armagideon time

A lotta people running and hiding tonight, ah
A lotta people won't get no justice tonight
Remember to kick it over
No one will guide you, Armagideon time

The Clash - Armagideon Time lyrics meaning


Iration” is the rasta word for creation. Hence the song deals with social dissatisfaction by discussing economy and the chance that “a lotta people won’t get no supper” or “justice tonight”.

In the Willi Williams version of the song, the final two lines to this verse are “remember to praise Jahoviah, and he will guide you through this iration, it’s Armagideon”. These lines imply that religion is the salvation of people. The Clash, seemingly dissatisfied with the solution, changed the words to above, instead encouraging active progression and demonstration within the community.

In 1979 when the song was released, British politics were in a tenuous position. Many were dissatisfied with the way the Labour government had handled the country’s deficit, and consequently Margaret Thatcher was voted into power under the Conservative party. Freethinking liberal artists such as The Clash were outspoken about their opposition to Conservative policy. Their version of “Armagideon Time” directly broaches their political persuasion, implying the social-economic injustices brought about by Thatcher would lead to a new world via “armagideon”, or Armageddon.

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