I know that I will find my way
As long as I'm with you
I don't care if death do us depart
'Cause I'm a part of you

Suvi - Clovers lyrics meaning


Suvi's official lyric explanation

Clovers was really, really, really special and really exciting because the lyrics came from this deep idea that I got, that when we fall asleep it's, kind of, like a close to death experience because sometimes, when you dream, you can't remember some things from your every day life - you forget some people, you could easily forget your day job or what you did one week ago. So, in that way, it must be kind of like dying.

Then I thought what about if this is exactly how it is - I mean to die - what about if you forget the ones you love the most.

That was a kind of depressing idea, but then I came to the chorus line and thought that it doesn't really matter. It doesn't matter if you forget everything because everyone you meet, everything you do changes you and becomes a part of you and that is something very positive and something you can rely on.

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