A brick on the gas
Making my bed
I wanted flowers
You gave me lead

Shutting my eyes
Wind in my hair
I'm close to the edge
Holding my breath

Suvi - Bleeding for Your Love lyrics meaning


Suvi's official lyric explanation

When one's about to take a leap or jump into something new or, I guess, the beginning and the end. It could be... there could be a slight suicidal note or tone to it. Then again it could be just having the courage to do something.

But, it's... all the lyrics are very descriptive. We're trying to create a space or a room and you step into that room and then you feel and see and smell a lot of things and when you put the dots together then you will probably make your own story of the song.

But here someone's standing on the ledge and the wind in your hair and you've made up your mind and you're going to jump.

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