I fucked your fem’ and she fell

Splurgeboys - Carry On lyrics meaning


Splurgeboys's official lyric explanation

Again, my lyrics are usually quite literal. So it was like a literal translation. Obviously, plus Fem Fel is our good mate, do you know what I mean, that we've work with on numerous occasions.

So, it was just like… it was just one of them ones that you just… you have it in your head and you’re like “that’s so easy, should I use it?” And you’re like of course I should use it because it’s just sitting in my head like “why not?”

And then Carry On, like, for me, was just fun. Like, if you listen to the whole bar it’s not even… it’s just so easy and me just having fun on that there. I just didn’t really care about that bar. A bit like, that I didn’t… I weren’t really critiquing it so I just threw that one out there. I- your fem and she fell. Like, I was just having fun really.

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