Hey, in case you didn’t know
My ex just left for footballer’s Range Rov’
But it’s over now, such a shame
But now I’m like fuck it, off come the chains

SPL2RGE - Lower lyrics meaning


SPL2RGE's official lyric explanation

That lyric is real life. At the time that's exactly what I was thinking and it was fresh. So I was just venting on that song, I was venting big time.

And it didn't necessarily happen like that, like, I got dumped for it. But 'coz it was so fresh and so raw it felt like that, do you know what I mean. It was like "alright, then, well fine, I am back on the market. So I'm going to go do my thing then." So it did feel like that, at the time.

Now, when I look back at it, quality lyric, great word play, but yeah, it comes across harsher than it was. But sick lyric.

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