You've changed the locks three times
He still comes reeling through the door

Radiohead - Just lyrics meaning


The music video for Just features the band playing in an apartment high above the London streets, interspersed with a subplot of a man lying on the pavement below for seemingly no reason:

It was directed by Jamie Thraves, handpicked by the band after they saw some of his independent filmography, and proved to be Thraves's breakout success in the industry. He has gone on to direct several famous and acclaimed music videos including Coldplay's The Scientist and Blur's Country House.

Dorian Lough, the man who trips over the man on the pavement in the video, told Q magazine:

"I think I had a dodgy wrist for about seven years after spending the day tripping over the actor on the floor as we filmed it so many times! Initially we used a crash mat but Jamie moved it as it was in the way so I was landing on concrete. It was a great part to play. And although I may have done a lot of TV work since... Trial & Retribution and Silent Witness, I'm rarely recognized for that by the public. It's Radiohead fans who I can rely on to spot me in the street and ask 'What did he say?'"

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