You've been my friend
You've been my door
You've been the only thing that I've been looking for
But when you're gone
You leave no trace
Even the memory of your face

Psapp - Seven lyrics meaning


Psapp's official lyric explanation

There’s so many different ideals in there, but, definitely the struggle to write music when we were living in different countries for much of the recording of this album and lots of life changes for both of us. It was a challenge and, yeah, inevitably some of the songs are going to be exploring that challenge.

But then, at the same time, it’s been incredibly easy as well that - like most times - even if we haven’t met each other for a month or two, we just, sort of, get together and… like we’ve just been hanging out the night before. So, there’s definitely that. It wasn’t just like a long struggle uphill. It was, sort of, also the surprise of how natural it feels sometimes.

No, that’s true.

If you know someone well or get on with someone or you- and it, sort of, you’re on the same wavelength, and it just works.

That’s true. We’ve been working together so long, so it is effortless sometimes.

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