You take the warmth from my bones
You take away my chance
You take away my home

Psapp - Seven lyrics meaning


Psapp's official lyric explanation

We’ve always enjoyed exploring dark humour in our songs and whilst some of the music can sound quite upbeat - and we’ll even use children’s toys and, kind of, clinky-clonky quite friendly noises - a lot of the lyrical themes are quite dark and I think we both take quite a lot of pleasure in combining those things together. I think that’s, kind of, what makes our music unique.

I think this song, Seven, has got both elements in there. There’s this, sort of, element of, if you consider, coming close together - there’s a lot of warmth in it - but then when you, sort of, depart again, sort of, these images come back, like, where are you going to go to? What’s your other, sort of, parallel life? It, sort of… it glows on in the background. And I think that, constantly, through the song and in the lyrics it, sort of, goes a bit backwards and forwards between, sort of, getting together again and it just feels like the most normal thing in the world and you become a, sort of, unit as two people. Then, sort of, breaking apart again and leading completely separate lives.

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