Willow Smith samples Radiohead on new track, ‘Sugar & Spice’


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At the rate she’s going, Willow Smith will have gone through more reinventions by the time she’s 16 than Madonna will have done in a whole career.

For having very nearly scored a UK number one with 2010 debut single, ‘Whip My Hair,’ at the tender age of nine, Will Smith’s daughter now seems keen to convince everyone that at 12, she’s a much more mature artist.

Indeed, while most girls her age are probably singing One Direction songs into their hairbrush, Willow has unexpectedly gone all experimental gloom-rock for her new single, ‘Sugar & Spice,’ by sampling none other than Radiohead.

Borrowing the instrumental from 2011’s ‘The King Of Limbs’ album track, ‘Codex,’ Smith quietly coos a string of depressing lyrics including:

“Inject my soul with darkness”

“Take a swing at me, I’ll fight/To the death, my light is bright.”

“I tried to be sugar and spice, but I’m melancholy and can’t do anything right.” 

Blimey, if this is a taste of things to come, then Heaven knows what kind of miserable material she’ll come out with once she actually hits her teens.

But as age-inappropriate as the song feels, it’s admittedly not bad at all.

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