The Collective – Teardrop lyrics & video


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Oh no, Gary Barlow. What the f**k have you done.

To say this track’s received less than glowing feedback would be an understatement – we’ve got The Collective’s Teardrop lyrics here for your perusal and even just reading the lyrics without listening to the music tells you it’s a cringeworthy track.

Gary’s pretty much taken all my favourite mainstream UK artists and gaffa-taped their lines together to create this butchered version of a classic. In his own words; “This is an area I don’t exist in, so it’s been an education.”

Correct, Barlow.

That aside, it is still good to see UK “urban” artists coming together on a track that’s backed by a major pop star, with lady-of-the-moment Tulisa doing the track some justice on the chorus. Despite what I think of the result, this song is in aid of BBC’s Children In Need, which regularly raises a staggering £20M every year from its annual appeal show to help disadvantaged children across the UK.

I wish The Collective the best of luck with their single, but just to put things in musical perspective, here’s Massive Attack’s original 1998 release of Teardrop:

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