S Club 7 get ready to “bring it all back” with reunion tour this summer


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s club 7 S Club 7 get ready to bring it all back with reunion tour this summer

Oh no. As if the Steps reunion wasn’t enough, now reports are surfacing that S Club 7 have signed a 7-figure deal to reunite and tour the UK for the first since since splitting up almost a decade ago.

Reports indicate that the full, original line-up of Hannah Spearritt, Paul Cattermole, Jo O’Meara, Rachel Stevens, Tina Barrett, Jon Lee and Bradley McIntosh will be reunited to tour this summer, and pending the success of the tour they’ll go on to sign a two-album deal.

The band were originally manufactured by pop music mogul Simon Fuller who was previously the mastermind behind the Spice Girls and later went on to produce the reality audition show Popstars, which Simon Cowell eventually nicked from him to do X Factor.

The band, now all in their 30′s, are said to be working hard at the gym getting back into shape in preparation for the tour, and judging by the photos below from the last time they were spotted together in 2011, Paul’s got some work to do!

S Club 7 Jersey Boys 29.03.2011 1 S Club 7 get ready to bring it all back with reunion tour this summer

Of the seven performers, only Rachel Stevens went on to have a relatively successful solo career – here’s one of her highlights from 2003, her debut single ‘Sweet Dreams My LA Ex’:

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