McCartney Says Yoko Ono Wasn’t Responsible For Beatles Split


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paulrw McCartney Says Yoko Ono Wasnt Responsible For Beatles Split
Fans of The Beatles have been blaming John Lennon’s wife, Yoko Ono, for the split of the band for over 40 years, but Paul McCartney has finally spoken out and said that it wasn’t her fault.

In an interview with Sir David Frost that is due to be broadcast next month, he said:

“She certainly didn’t break the group up. I don’t think you can blame her for anything. John Lennon was definitely going to leave.”

The ‘Hey Jude’ rockers formed in Liverpool in 1960 and created their place in musical history as ‘Beatlemania’ swept the world for the next ten years. They split in 1970, and all members went on to have successful music careers in their own right. Sadly, Lennon was shot and killed in 1980.

During their heyday, they had more number-one albums in the British charts and sold more singles in the UK than any other act. Though four decades have passed since they stopped recording, they remain one of the most highly regarded bands in history.

It has recently been announced that their second feature film, ‘Help!’, which was first released in 1965, will be re-released in the US next month with an hour of extra new features.

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