Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’ and his 19-million followers stall iTunes


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Today was a day long marked in Bieber fans’ diaries: Justin Bieber’s landmark ‘Boyfriend’ single got released on iTunes at midnight.

The new song marks a notable departure from his previous teen pop sound – check out the track above to hear the full length single which has only just been released. The promotion of this track has also been an interesting one, with very little previews and no airplay on radio right up until its release on iTunes.

And it seems Apple weren’t quite ready for the onslaught of Bieber’s 19-million Twitter followers as they took to iTunes en masse to download the song at midnight: the track was stalled for downloading and wasn’t available ’til a whole hour after it was initially meant to be released, causing even Justin himself to comment on Twitter:

I have no doubt this probably sent many Apple engineers scrambling around to make the track available.

Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’ lyrics are available here and it’s out on iTunes now.

Now that we can hear the full track we can kinda see where the 18-year-old pop star and Mike Posner, his co-writing partner on this track, got some inspiration from – firstly we’re thinking Justin Timberlake and The Neptunes:

And secondly, I’m thinking the rapping and beat definitely tips its hat to the Ying Yang Twins… minus the sexually explicit content:

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