Ella Henderson speaks out after shocking X Factor exit


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Ella Henderson Ella Henderson speaks out after shocking X Factor exit

Ella Henderson has spoken out following her shock exit from The X Factor.

The 16-year-old took to Twitter to thank fans for their support after she got the chop:

The “golden goddess” then assured her followers that this was only the beginning of a big career:

Henderson – who was favourite to win the talent contest – found herself in the sing off with James Arthur last night (November 18). When the judges were unable to decide between the two contestants, the vote was taken to deadlock, with the public choosing to save Arthur’s skin.

Tulisa Contostavlos sobbed as she comforted Henderson after the elimination, which she described as “ridiculous”…several times:

“It’s ridiculous, this situation, it’s ridiculous, it’s ridiculous. People thought she was safe. There was nothing wrong about her performance. This week was one of the best she’s ever done.”

Host, Dermot O’Leary, said Henderson’s exit was “one of the biggest shocks” The X Factor had ever witnessed.

Even the boss, Simon Cowell, expressed his disbelief:

The X Factor debate raged on as viewers reacted angrily towards power balladeer, Christopher Maloney and Essex novelty act, Rylan Clark, who both managed to survive elimination.

Last night, Maloney was bombarded with death threats on Twitter, while Clark broke down in tears on the ITV2 show, The Xtra Factor, saying he felt “guilty” that he was through:

“Ella should be in the final. She’s like a sister, I’m so gutted. I feel so guilty. I can’t thank people enough for voting for me but I’m so gutted for her. Ella should be in the final.”

But judge, Gary Barlow, quickly stepped in to placate the situation:

“There’s a million people out there all frustrated now. The fact is the public have voted and this is what people voted. That’s the idea of the show. It’s as simple as that.”

No it isn’t! Not when you have pipes like this:

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