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Facebook Monsieur R, (Richard Makela), is a French rap artist whose work focuses on the political rap genre. His music features hard driven rhythms with thumping base lines, known as "old school," which conveys the hard reality of his environment. There is a rich legacy of 'reality rap' going back to 1982 with artists such as Run DMC and continuing with KRS-1, Public Enemy, Ice-T and Dead Prez. Monsieur R is originally from Belgium. His parents were from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, (DRC) formerly known as Zaire before its independence. Monsieur R was born in 1975, in Belgium where he spent his early years. He and his family moved back to the DRC when he was 3 years old. The family migrated to Europe moving into the Seine-Saint-Denis area of Paris in 1989.

In his early career, he was a member of the Hip Hop group "Menage À 3". In 1998, 2001, and 2002, he produced compilations against the far right, called Sachons Dire Non.
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