Hummus or Crack lyrics on 05 Fuck 'em by Lil B

Lil B

Hummus or Crack lyrics

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I do whatever I want, you know what I'm sayin
This that music for niggas that do whatever the fuck they want, you know what I'm sayin they live they life.. Lil B

I need connections, I need a licka license
Lick ya liscense, nick ya in the eyes if you think I'm lyin
I'm slingin weed and savin pills, nigga I'm not firin pow pow pow powI'mma stand up, because I'm not lyin
My niggas fuck like that, we on the spot firin pow pow pow pow powTook some bullets in yo back like buttcheeks
I'mma slap that bitch, ya know what im sayin
What up with the beef, I'm weighin the zip
Im baggin up dope weighin shit to flip, no money in the pocket, dry ass lips
Fuck that, cause I wont pay
And nigga fuck you and sucka ill take ya. FREE BRICKS
Man I put it on the record, front 55 bricks and imma bury ya in the desert nigga
Ya know what im saying..(got them bricks for sale got them bricks for sale)x2
05 fuck em man this is real shit niggas aint playin
This that background soundtrack to some thug shit nigga
Yeah knock ya down with them high rollas
Cocaine investments, with the coca cola
Im so high, I cant go no lower
Fuck bitches in the ass, and then I sell dopa
One brick bought a house in the kanye ova
Fat bitches on my dick cause I cook coca

You cook ... I cook crack
You cook hummus, I cook crack
You hop out nigga, and then I bounce back
I said you cook hummus, and I cook crack


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Lil B Hummus or Crack lyrics added on 14th Jan 2014

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Released December 24, 2013
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