You call me up from the wasteland
I feel you pull as hard as you can
It’s too far from here from where I stand
Why you try, I’ve got no idea
Woah dear, woah dear

Kimberly Anne - Wasteland lyrics meaning


Kimberly Anne's official lyric explanation

Wasteland represents a little bit of... I suppose it's talking about a bit of being... experiencing a bit of a depressed state.

I've had friends who have suffered from depression - like family members - and also people I've dated and it's, sort of, me singing from their point of view. Talking to others around them who, sort of, aren't in the wasteland and how they react and respond to them.

I think sometimes when you're not going through... when you're around someone who's suffering from depression, it's hard to know how to help and be there. Sometimes it's not about, you know, magically knowing exactly what to do and what activities to conjure up or what to say.

Sometimes it's about just being like "cool... well, I'm just going to stay here with you and we'll just hang..." like, "I'll just stay..."

Like... it's all... kept thinking of it like a scene in, you know,like in those war movies and they're like "I'm not leaving you here!" It's like "go on without me..." but it's like someone just stays with you. Like sometimes that can be all someone needs.

Yeah. It's just about that really.

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