Seeking comfort
Don’t wanna die alone
I fall for strangers
Common interest unknown

Now this is dangerous
Why won’t you take me home?
Now this is dangerous
Come on and take me home

Kimberly Anne - Start Over lyrics meaning


Kimberly Anne's official lyric explanation

It's not about falling in love at all. It's literally about... literally hooking up with someone or with people or just flirting with someone just because you're just a bit lonely, I guess. You don't really have much of a common interest

But it's... I don't know. We just seek comfort from other people, physically, sometimes and the whole song is about being a bit of a work in progress and sometimes we can slip and have a little fun with someone you know you don't want any, sort of, future with. You just want to be taken home because you don't want to be alone tonight... that sort of thing.

Party girl... not really.

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