I’ll be damned if I apologise
For asking questions not in headlines ‘cause

Kimberly Anne - Start Over lyrics meaning


Kimberly Anne's official lyric explanation

I'm not extremely popular with my friends if anyone mentions anything about politics on a night out - or anything slightly political or just... or if they say something un-PC or something.

I'm not a complete killjoy, but I am a bit like... it doesn't matter if I'm out having a few drinks, like, I can go off a little bit. But in... it's all balanced, it's all banter.

But, yeah, I've got a bit of a reputation amongst my friends. It's like don't mention anything around Kim, like, to do with politics.

So it's just, basically, that line was just a bit of a dig at me and my friends being like, you know... just because I ask questions that isn't, you know, the most "popular" thing to be talking about in the news right now, I think it's okay to poke and ask those questions. But... well, we'll see.

They still like me... I think.

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