And what good will it do
If I can’t turn into someone who'll just roll over
And I lose the choice to say I that I was made this way
Full of times to start over
It’s time to start over

Kimberly Anne - Start Over lyrics meaning


Kimberly Anne's official lyric explanation

Sometimes I wish I cared less about things - even when it comes down to making music or making music videos or visual things that accompany your work like covers - as in album covers and stuff. I just care so much about everything.

I just... I have an idea about how I want things to be or how I'd love the world to be and people to be and stuff. Not to sound too hippy, but sometimes it would be so much easier to just turn a blind eye to a lot of things and not let my conscious, sort of, rule my life so much.

So, yeah, it was just saying what good would it do? If I can't turn into someone who'll just roll over. So it's like many other people seem to just do what they want and not care about repercussions and stuff.

Yeah, Start Over, in general, is about being a bit of a work in progress and allowing yourself to say "I'm allowed to screw up and start again." Like, it's fine. Don't be so hard on yourself.

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