And you’re all out of luck
Because your game has erupt
And I’ll just say if you were ever unsure
There’s no way I’ll ever be yours

Kimberly Anne - Never Be Yours lyrics meaning


Kimberly Anne's official lyric explanation

The game in Never Be Yours is about the game of... I was in a relationship with someone who I think was very terrified of being left or abandoned, or was very paranoid about me cheating or leaving one night and never coming back.

I sort of... it sort of felt like I was doing everything I could to show that I'm here - like, it's all good. But I felt like they were testing me a lot. So just pushing the boundaries and the barriers all the time to test how much I wanted to be there.

Eventually it just flipped round and it just... in essence, they just pushed me away because every time a game or a trick or something to make me jealous or whatever was brought up, I just started to switch off a bit more and more until the end you, sort of, just feel a bit numb and you start to the see the situation for what it is.

So, yeah, I think whether they were intentionally doing it or not... I'm not sure. But, erm, yeah, it's just the game of trust, I guess. Like, unconditional trust in relationships can all get a bit twisted and warped sometimes I think.

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