I made a sensible decision in my head
When everybody tried to make me out of clay
I won’t be shaped into the mould that they gave
My head don’t quite fit on the shoulders that he made

Kimberly Anne - La La lyrics meaning


Kimberly Anne's official lyric explanation

Well, yeah, when I started out making music I was not really myself. But I was making a lot of music that I thought other people wanted to hear and I was trying to be really interesting - which was really boring.

It's really exhausting being someone you're not so that, sort of, tired really quickly. I had people around me who were like, you know... they could only go on what I was, you know, trying to make happen. But I just don't feel like I was supported to do some things that I maybe shouldn't have been doing.

But, you know, it' s not... it's all a part of the journey and stuff. So that was all about, like, I won't be shaped into the mould that they gave sort of thing. But, also, me sort of talking to myself because I, sort of, self-made a mould as well that I had to break out of.

And, actually, I jumped straight onto a line that references my dad actually. My dad... "my head don't quite fit on the shoulders that he made..." my dad is... he's got quite a cool sensible job in a council. But, when he was my age he was trying to be a rock star and I think he gave up round about my age because it just didn't work out.

I think he's got a love and hate relationship with music a little bit. It's a bit bittersweet and so sometimes he can be amazingly supportive and other times I think he worries a bit about me going through the same thing.

So, a lot of the time I would think he wishes I was just a doctor or a nurse or something like that. Or that I did Maths A' level or something - but I was awful.

So, yeah, just sometimes I feel like there's a conflict between the person my Dad thinks I am and the person I actually am. But... so that's who that line refers to.

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