But ooh you astound me
Ooh the way your crowd me ’til I can’t breathe
Ooh you surround me
’Til I’m so no me and I get weak

But it’s all that I know
It’s just a matter of time before I’m old
Checking the pictures of you in someone’s home
And now I’m just some thing you used to own

Kimberly Anne - Kind Regards lyrics meaning


Kimberly Anne's official lyric explanation

Kind Regards is totally mixed message - which is probably still how I feel about some people I dated.

I think that's a general song about... it was... I don't think it was about one person in particular. It was about my general rose-tinted glasses looking back at some relationships, I guess, on one hand.

I think I blamed... I blamed myself a lot for relationships that never worked out... I think so. I start to forget that the other person played any part in things not working out. So I'm like, I was just awful...

So, I think Kind Regards is all about, sort of, saying goodbye but, also, sort of, underlining lingering of like... "hmm, what would happen if we went back there? Would it work out..." sort of thing.

But, yeah, total... like literally total love and hate. Just, literally, during the song I'm just remembering all the good times and the bad times and how, like, they astound you but also suffocate you at the same time. It's just really mixed.

But, erm... some exes you have and you're like "no! would never go back there..." but there's just a couple for me I'd be like "well... yeah..." but I would never act on it. But I play games in my head sometimes with it, I guess.

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