And you run, oh, as fast as my mascara
God damn, I didn’t mean to harm ya
Found myself in a war with no armour
Promised myself it’d be no more drama, but

I’m the struggle, I’m the secret
I’m the one who will always believe in this
In this

Kimberly Anne - Kind Regards lyrics meaning


Kimberly Anne's official lyric explanation

Yeah... I think the middle eight is really fast paced. Like, I throw a lot of information at you at once. The, sort of, imagery of crying and, like, being in a war... but, like, being completely vulnerable with no armour and stuff.

Again, it's complete, sort of, flash imagery and a bit, you know... a bit of chaos which is, erm, sometimes how things feel when you're trying to get out of a relationship or you're trying to, you know, mend something or salvage what you have.

It's just... yeah, literally explaining that I really was trying to have some peace and, like, no more drama. But it just felt like I was completely vulnerable with no weaponry and I was, sort of, being attacked, so you have to retreat for your own safety, I guess.

Eventually we all have to look after ourselves and be kind to yourself and if two people aren't working out together and it's destructive then you have to, hopefully, walk away and be well.

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