She thinks she's got a clue, a political mind
But she'll hide from the news and be a product of the time
I'm lefty just like you, with a righteous mind

Kimberly Anne - Hard As Hello lyrics meaning


Kimberly Anne's official lyric explanation

All of these, sort of, elements of me and my personality and my life, I suppose, comes out in my music. I can't switch off certain parts of my brain in life's scenarios. So, you know, whether it be like politics or being a communist a socialist or a humanist, you know, my views in love are the same as, you know, my views in life and the world, they come out in your art.

So, I find it really hard to not mention everything that bubbles around in my head in tracks. So, yeah, not trying to be like an open political activist or anything like that. Just it's real, it's life, it's reality. Politics is about people and affects everyone.

So, I just think it's important for people to be connected with what's happening around them and I didn't feel like the person I was dating did... which I didn't understand.

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