Feet don't fail me now, I'm feeling stronger than this
I'm as hard as hell

Kimberly Anne - Hard As Hello lyrics meaning


Kimberly Anne's official lyric explanation

My choice of lyric in the chorus… I think it just mainly came from just trying to find that courage to walk away. Like it’s literally is… it is what it says on the tin because it’s just so tempting to go back out of weakness, I guess, and keep feeling like someone’s feelings are going to change - if you change, for example. So it’s, basically, just me asking myself to have the determination to just walk away… finally.

I think that lyric had come up a lot through lots of, like, folk songs through the years and stuff. I don’t know, specifically, all the songs that have it in. But it just felt like quite an emotive phrase that was bubbling around in my head.

So… yeah.

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