And I'm watching the tragedy
As you'll choose her over me
And it's that cinematic walk away scene
Where I'll be fine

Cause I'm over and done with it
The sadistic fun of it
Just turn around and run for it
And soon I'll be fine

Kimberly Anne - Hard As Hello lyrics meaning


Kimberly Anne's official lyric explanation

Every song that I have is inspired by an authentic scenario.

So, yeah, this one was a romantic scenario that didn’t quite work out. But instead of focusing on all the reasons why me and that person might not be compatible, instead I just focused on all of my own faults and the possible faults of the new person that they started seeing.

It was just a reflection of those, sort of, self-invention moments you go through when you suffer a bit of rejection - whether it be from a break-up or from unreturned feelings and how we just feel that we have to reinvent ourselves to protect ourselves sometimes, I guess.

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