Never gonna really understand why you do the things you do.
Is it already out of hand?
Am I embarrassing you?
'Cause you're hooked on the attention I seek and if that's the case, just stop bothering me; just stop bothering me.

Kimberly Anne - Bury It There lyrics meaning


Kimberly Anne's official lyric explanation

Yeah, this is about someone who literally just knew they had me around their little finger… I guess. Well, I think they did and it just drove me a bit mad. I think, whether we do it intentionally or not… but sometimes when someone likes you, it can be a little bit easy to get used to the attention, I guess.

It doesn’t make anyone a bad person but, you know, it’s… when someone pulls that away, goes “okay, you’re not interested in me” and pulls it away early, I think some people miss the attention a little bit and can poke you again, without any intention, but just want to, sort of, just check if you still like me… not sure.

But, I’m not aware if that’s what the person was doing. But that’s sure what it felt like. So, it was just mixed messages I guess.

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