Jason Derulo lyrics


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Facebook Jason Joel Desrouleaux (born September 21, 1989), better known by his stage name Jason Derulo (sometimes stylized as Jason Derülo or Jason DeRülo), is an American singer-songwriter, actor and dancer.

Derulo started his career writing songs for many artists, including Lil Wayne, Pitbull, Pleasure P and Cassie. He also wrote "Bossy" for rapper Birdman, and made a guest appearance on the song, which highlighted his ability as a vocalist.
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Jason Derulo lyrics quotes

18th Sep 2011
"Ayo, me say day, oh
Daylight come and we don't wanna go home

We drink the whole bottle but it ain't over, over
Everybody jumping on the sofa, sofa
Standing on the chairs, standing on the bars
No matter day or night, I'm shining, bitch, I'm a star"
Jason Derulo lyrics
8th Mar 2012
"I only miss you when I'm breathing
I only need you when my heart is beating
You are the color that I'm bleeding
I only miss you when I'm breathing"
Jason Derulo lyrics