Peppermint Heaven reveal meaning behind hit single “Plenty of Time” and more


Peppermint Heaven may hail from the gold and glistening coasts of LA, but the Echo Park duo’s influences are firmly rooted in the UK. Tears for Fears, Pet Shop Boys, Simple Minds, New Order, Howard Jones and The Psychedelic Furs are among the British music icons Juno and Sparks look up to when formulating their fun and infectious breed of 80s-esque synth-pop currently dazzling dancefloors across the country.

In this exclusive interview with Decoda, Peppermint Heaven reveal the meanings behind the sometimes political, often opinionated, but always inspirational lyrics driving their quirky and sugar-coated music, including their breakthrough hit single, Plenty of Time, which has not only been remixed by the illustrious UK producers, Moto Blanco and Full Intention, but also recently hit the Top 10 of Music Week’s Club Chart.

'Plenty of Time' is out now on iTunes.

We are thrilled to have worked with Moto Blanco and Full Intention, as well as Eric Kupper and Kris Di Angelis on this song. It’s just hit the Top 10 on Music Week’s Club Chart.

We believe the lyrics work so well because they are universal and uplifting. Everyone’s always complaining about not having enough time, always focusing on limitation. We’re saying you’ve got plenty of time to reach your goals – to get where you want to go – and don’t worry about competition. Everyone has their own niche to fill and no one else can be better at being you than you.

There’s some venom in this one. It’s more directed at a wider scope of people and the karmic belief that if you do something bad it will come back to you “like a boomerang” as we say in the song.

There’s actually an interesting story behind these lyrics. It’s one of the rare times that we started with a title and wrote a song around it. A while back here in LA, they did some major construction on a busy freeway called “The 405” and they were going to close the freeway for a whole weekend. The press was calling this event “Car-mageddon” because it was going to cause so many problems for drivers. (As Missing Persons once sang, “Nobody walks in L.A.”). Well, this moniker “Car-mageddon” stuck with us and we thought it would make for an interesting song title.

Of course, we couldn’t seriously sing about a freeway closure, so we thought about changing the “C” to a “K”. And so Karmageddon was born!

In You and Out of You is a love song directed to a girl, but the lyrics are also encouraging her to reach her full potential.

We’re comfortable writing about relationships, but like to keep an aura of mystery about the specifics.

With Into Gold we were looking to write something more inspirational. It’s definitely encouraging the one who’s been hurt in this case to find the silver lining, to make something better out of a bad situation. To turn sorrow “into gold” is a strong visual metaphor for turning one’s life around and breaking free. We’re quite proud of this song.

This is a unique song. We don’t usually find inspiration in politics, but during the 2012 election here in the US, there were a lot of promises made by politicians that were so obviously insincere. You’re always hearing about change, but it’s almost always being blocked by political self-interest or the influence of money. We felt inspired to respond to this with this song. It’s one of our favorites to play live.

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