Jason Garriotte of Chords of Truth dives into the deep meanings behind his debut EP


Singer-songwriter Jason Garriotte gives us detailed explanations behind the meanings of songs from the debut EP of his Chords of Truth project.

Tune Your Mind is basically a song where I was trying to write about and vocalise, through song, the concept of using your attention with intention and how we can all create the world that we want by just using our mind.

It’s something that’s been shown to us through quantum physics, experience and a lot of it has to do with perspective, but it also is attraction. It’s interference patterns, it’s a holographic universe.

The concept behind the words in these songs, just really try to play into all of those and give you a visualisation or a feeling. Like, if you listen to these words or sing these words, I was hoping - and the idea was - that it would actually be like you creating that vibration and putting it out there as you experience the music.

That was the idea of Tune Your Mind.

Listen is a song that went through various versions before it ended up being what it finally became. But, one of the things about it, for me, was that it was my song that was just going to be about, like, just waking up.

Like, we’re all walking around as zombies and we’re just listening to what the news and the media and everybody else is just telling us, all these truths - whether it’s the past, the history, the way we’re educated.
It’s just ridiculous and we don’t really know what to believe or what not to believe… are there conspiracies? Is everything legit? No, it’s probably the middle of the road.

But, the bottom line is, that we need to think about those things and not just walk through life asleep.

So, in this song, I was really trying an attempt of just bringing that to your attention and remembering that just logically, if you look at everything, there’s something else going on.

So, the first verse is, basically, going through the fact that, yeah, we’re using a lot of resources on this planet, but we’re also building a lot of technology that could possibly allow us to leave the planet, eventually, when we need to.

But, in the meantime, allow us all to live - you can call it however you want to be it - but more leisurely, more pleasurable lives then if we had to spend the whole thing hunting and gathering and trying to gather food.

But, because of ignorance and greed, we can’t all just, at least, have a better life. It still has to be this ridiculous system.

The second verse really just points out the fact that we don’t know what to believe. Like, we’re hearing this, we’re hearing that. But, there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes than any of us are aware of.

But, as much as we want to try to fight all that kind of stuff, the idea that at least we’re aware, we can try to make certain kinds of changes so that we don’t fall for all the slavery things that they try to put us under.

There has been all kinds of ideas, whether it be religious or cultural or philosophical and all we end up doing is just fighting about it.

But, I mean, the biggest thing is that we just need to love each other and try to be a positive part of society and there’s something else going on. Whether you call it causality, whether you call it a guiding force, some kind of thing is causing everything to exist.
So, there seems to be more to it that if we can just try to - I don’t know - get along and help each other, then I think that, in the long run, everything is going end up going in the right direction.

So, that’s what this song is about.

The song Moments is somewhat autobiographical. It, kind of, runs through the first verse a little bit of me and as I was going through life and some of the different things that I learned about and what I heard and how all these questions started to flow.

Then, in the second verse, I basically run through a lot of these questions and every one of these questions that are raised here could be somebody is just totally “pfft… that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard…” to “that is the only way that it could be…” and you really can’t dispute any of them I feel like.

It just seems like every time we get into this situation where we’re trying to figure out where things come from or whatever, for example, right now in space they’re out and they’re looking for life on other planets and one of the things that they’ve determined is if there’s water then there’s a good chance for life - because they’re looking for life like our life, that’s biological and based on water.

I mean, maybe life is in another frequency right in the same space that we’re in right now but, I mean, that’s a whole other topic.

One thing that I have found in this life though - through all these different things that I’ve researched and all the different things that I think about - is that every time I have a thought, there is a space of time, there’s a gap between one thought and the next thought that I have. And, in-between those thoughts, I can make any choice that I want to do.

You can change your pattern subtly, you can do them all at once, but the main thing is, is that you have one moment that’s right now and that’s that moment. If you try to think and live and be in that moment and… you can have the kind of life that you would want to have.

That’s what Moments is about.

When I Was Wasted is a song that was inspired more from experiences than built around a concept, like a lot of my other songs are.

Over the years when I’d go out to bars and everybody is getting wasted, a lot of times we’re sitting around and people start telling stories. I just started to notice that so many times it would be this “man, this one time when I was wasted…” and they would tell this story about all this crazy stuff that they did and then someone else would tell a story, then someone else would tell a story and they’d just go round the room telling these “when I was wasted stories…”

I always thought… I may have to write a song about that someday just because it was so funny to me.

A lot of times, when you’re wasted, people are talking and all of a sudden it reminds you of a story that you just feel like you have to tell. Like everything they’re talking about is what that story is about.
Then you tell it and people are kind of like… “well, I don’t know that will really fit with what we were talking about… nice story.” Stuff like that which I get that all the time - even if I’m not wasted.

So it was just an observation that happened a lot.

You know I enjoy getting wasted as much as anybody else.

The idea is just to make good choices, think about a few different things that I mentioned and try to have a good time and stay safe and enjoy being around other people or just enjoy the buzz.

So, that’s what When I Was Wasted was about.

As I was writing The Power To Be Alive, one of the concepts that kept going through my head was just how everything from an ant, all the way up to a person, to a tree is trying to survive. Everything that we’ve done, everything that we’ve adapted to, everything that we try to do is to survive.

When we die we don’t know what’s going to happen next, but we hope that we survive. That’s the thing, if you don’t, you don’t. Then it doesn’t really matter. But, for those of us that do care about that, that’s what this song is about.

It just, kind of, discusses the fact that we’re all connected, we’re all just moving around doing what we do and that there is a presence out there that seems to be guiding us and we need to just quiet our thoughts and let that guide us.

You know, when you have a question or you have a choice that you’re going to make, that’s going to cause major repercussions or whatever, if you just take a moment and see how it makes you feel, that guidance can help you make better choices and have a life and survive and be alive.

Pop or Soda is a song that was my attempt at humour. It, kind of, comes from the fact that I’m from Indiana and up there we call soft drinks “pop” and as I travelled around the country or different places, you know, some people call it soda, some people call it Coke and it was almost like every time I went, whenever I’d call it “pop” I’d get this look like, “what’s that?”

They knew what I was talking about, but it was like a way to make fun of me because I used the word “pop” or something. It was pretty funny.

Kind of indicates where you’re from. Like there’s a map of the country, of the United States, that shows certain sections used to call it "pop", certain sections call it "soda" and certain ones call it "Coke".

In fact, if you look at the map, pop has the biggest area. Soda is more in the concentrated areas, but it was just kind of funny.

Why do people care enough to make a big deal about that? Like, does it give them superiority? So, I just, kind of, made fun of that whole concept about it.

But the one thing interesting about the song is that I chose to do it in a minor key and it, kind of, has more of, like, a dark eerie tone to the music but, yet, I’m talking about the carbonated beverage that’s so awesome - but that’s pop or soda.

What life is about came as a result of a finger picking song which always, kind of, gives me a family feel. My dad used to play a lot of classical guitar - finger picking when I was young.

There was a line as I was just, kind of, saying out the lines as I was finger picking I hit the “you know you know this, so get up and shout. That’s what life is about” and from there I just knew that was the hook of the song that was going to allow me to tell a story and always bring it back to the main point.

One of the things that, as I wrote it, it wasn’t always in the same order as it is here. But I try to go through a progression where we begin life at some point - we don’t really know when that is - and then we try to go through life and things happen and we try to do what is going to make us happy, is going to make us be fulfilled, go towards the dreams. But there’s only so much we can do if we don’t make the decisions to send us in that direction.

The second verse I, kind of, go through the idea that most of us want to be around people, we want to have relationships, we want to have that feeling of connectedness to the rest of society or at least certain people and, a lot of times, we end up hurting each other.

The only reason we can keep making is we have to forgive - you know what I mean? Like people can hurt us very hard core and we just have to forgive it if we want to continue having those relationships.

We all see the world from our perspective. No one else shares the same perspective that each one of us do, because they haven’t had our experiences.

They may have been there for a lot of the experiences, but they didn’t have those experiences. So you - we all - build our own world model and that’s what really separates us from each other, is the fact that I’m a unique perspective that knows that I exist - and that is what life is about.

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