Finland's Suvi talks about writing process and meaning of new single Find You


Singer-songwriter Suvi Richter, known simply as Suvi, first rose to fame last year after reaching the Top 10 on Hype Machine with her single Bleeding For Your Love. Now the Finland-born, Stockholm-based songstress returns in 2014 with the release of her new single Find You, described by The Line of Best Fit as "spacious and assured pop".

Suvi sat down with Decoda to dive behind the meanings and inspiration of lyrics from all her singles:

Find You; we started writing Find You at a hangout really. We had a jam and I and Julius Duhs sat together and he played the guitar and he came up with horns on the guitar - so it's, basically, a guitar rift.

Then we went back home and started working on the song and the vocals, at one point, follow the horns - so that's what happened first. Then we pulled in Carl Johan Holmqvist who we write together with a lot - he's been with us since the beginning - and started writing the lyrics together with the music.

Julius usually starts producing the track quite early in the process.

The meaning for the first verse is "It can't be right that it's an endless flight. It can't be true 'cause I'm in love with you..." you can almost always find a core somewhere inside yourself that feels true and through that you can find back to everything else - love or whatever you enjoy in life.

In this case it's; everything is messed up but I'm in love with you and then you can- that's your path back; it's your way back.

That's a trippy line I guess because when it comes to dreams - and how we work psychologically as human beings - it can be quite hard to translate into something that makes sense.

Bleeding For Your Love, the chorus lyrics, they are definitely from my own experience and I think that most people can relate to that.

But then again, when we wrote the lyrics and wrote the song it just came out. Most of the times when we write new music, when we write new songs something just comes out, a piece of lyric, and then we just continue. We just go with the flow.

So, it can take maybe several weeks or months or even a year to understand what we actually wrote.

Bleeding For Your Love is about a warrior, basically. Someone who's on the rampage, who really doesn't give a damn - but still does, in a way. Someone really emotional and in an emotional state. But still, kind of like a martyr thing when you're ready to- you're going on a mission and you're convinced that you're right and you're willing to do whatever.

When one's about to take a leap or jump into something new or, I guess, the beginning and the end. It could be... there could be a slight suicidal note or tone to it. Then again it could be just having the courage to do something.

But, it's... all the lyrics are very descriptive. We're trying to create a space or a room and you step into that room and then you feel and see and smell a lot of things and when you put the dots together then you will probably make your own story of the song.

But here someone's standing on the ledge and the wind in your hair and you've made up your mind and you're going to jump.

Clovers was really, really, really special and really exciting because the lyrics came from this deep idea that I got, that when we fall asleep it's, kind of, like a close to death experience because sometimes, when you dream, you can't remember some things from your every day life - you forget some people, you could easily forget your day job or what you did one week ago. So, in that way, it must be kind of like dying.

Then I thought what about if this is exactly how it is - I mean to die - what about if you forget the ones you love the most.

That was a kind of depressing idea, but then I came to the chorus line and thought that it doesn't really matter. It doesn't matter if you forget everything because everyone you meet, everything you do changes you and becomes a part of you and that is something very positive and something you can rely on.

The first verse in Clovers is when you start a journey with someone.

Basically you've met someone and it's always a bit of a risk, you're putting yourself out there.

So, "we cross the land, we're not scared" you're willing to take any setbacks, any... it's going to be hard, but you're not scared. You're willing to do anything.

At this point of the song, you've really gone deep. It can be quite scary to learn to know someone.

I mean, most people in your life you don't even get to know or most people on earth, you don't even meet. But, when you do and you get really close, that's really scary. And there's... I guess, the animal it could be kind of like a Jung thing - like the animal dream... animal thing, I guess - but not in so many words.

We haven't really decided but I guess there's something like when you get really deep, like deep down there, there's something that's both fascinating and scary.

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