Faded Paper Figures on life, death and other lyrical inspirations behind fourth album, Relics


Being one of the biggest lyric sites on the Internet, Decoda is all too aware that for a great number of bands and artists, the art of the English language is of second importance to the music. For R. John Williams, the main lyricist for Californian electro-pop trio Faded Paper Figures, however, it's a full-time job. An English professor at Yale University, Williams' lyrical musings on life, death and the passage of time that marries these two states are one of the leading features of Faded Paper Figures' music, hence why it was such an honour for us to speak to him in light of the release of the band's fourth album Relics on August 5th.

Described as their most “honest, sophisticated and ambitious” effort to date, Relics sees Faded Paper Figures build upon their glistening electronica beats with a newly-rich palette of sitars and analog synths, not to mention some of the trio's most demanding vocal work of their careers.

Order Relics from iTunes now, and check out our interview with R. John Williams below.

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