Fuck you Mötley Crüe
For charming us with access and with excess,
For telling tales that leave out all the dark sides,
For bringing out the lowest drive in everyone.
Oh fuck you.

Frank Turner - Good & Gone lyrics meaning


Frank Turner's official lyric explanation

I don’t have anything specific against Mötley Crüe - I’m sure that they’re lovely people who send Christmas cards to their Mum and Dad and all the rest of it. It’s a flippant lyric, to a degree.

Obviously, I read that book, The Dirt, that they wrote, which is a critique, entertaining and comprehensive guide to Rock-N-Roll excess and, I suppose, that’s actually what that song is really about is - or at least that section of that song is about. Just the idealised cartoon existence of the rock star that has been sold over the ages and Mötley Crüe certainly didn’t come up with it and invent it; but they were purveyors of it for many years - and probably still are.

So, yeah, it’s something about that. I can’t say I’m a fan of their music but I don’t have any special problem with them and I’m not sure that they, or anyone else, would care if I did.

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