See the conversation me and uncle just had,
Is a conversation a father and son would've had
I listened attentively and looked him like he was my dad,
Like he was the one who taught me everything I've ever known
Like he told me never borrow money just make your own,
The past 4 years my uncles played more of a role,
Made sure I was never alone he would guide me all the way
He was a season ticket holder he would take me to the games
Taught me to zip my jacket up when its cold and it rains
14 going on 15 I needed some guidance
Mum was suffering with depression so I suffered in silence,
Fast forward 1 year and we were further enlightened
Step father cheated,
He was deceitful,
Needed a beating.,
No reason needed,
For him to go have an affair,
He obviously never cared,
And I held a grudge for too long.
Now its time I move on

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