Memories of the summer,
Memories of the winter,
Memories of my mother,
Memories of my sister.
Uncle's telling me you're only 18 once,
Granddad said he's seen my dad spend all his money and run,
And if I was his son I know he'd tell me to save,
Save your penny's now and you'll make money one of these days.
Don't be lead a stray and escape from gap year living,
He's almost 80 and retired said he's sat there winning,
Ch-ching, what what, 'cos you made your first million,
Had a couple children,
Why you acting like a villain?
Like you see my vision,
'Cos you watch endless television,
Don't believe television
You're narrow minded, never listen.
Now just envision a life
With no money, grand-kids or even a wife,
Without all of these things man I see a divide,
Will my money grabbing family ever subside?

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