‘Cause I’ve been doing this for ages
I’ve been blessing many stages
Breaking my back to finish the remaining pages
That’s just how it goes

(That’s just how it goes)
I guess that’s just how it goes
I’m just testing the water
Testing the water

Blizzard - Testing the Water lyrics meaning


Blizzard's official lyric explanation

That song probably sums up my attitude the best out of all the tracks on the EP because I went from just doing rap and just doing hip-hop, you know, like a spoken approach rather than doing the singing and doing the instrumentation and the keyboard stuff.

So, that whole track was, kind of, me getting a bit sick of doing one thing. So, yeah, Testing The Water came from that.

We didn't know the EP was going to be called that until that track came out. But, I think it really summed me up because I was becoming a bit frustrated with just being associated with one medium when I know that I'm capable of much more.

So, that's why Testing The Water came out, yeah.

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