I’m dreaming
I’m dreaming
Can’t control my feelings
That means that I must be sleeping

And I don’t know where this storyline’s going
But my mind is getting narrow and I feel time’s slowing
Slowing, slowing

Blizzard - Paradise Island lyrics meaning


Blizzard's official lyric explanation

The whole song I wanted to sound very illogical because, with your dreams, a lot of them don’t seem to make sense.

With Waking Life being one of the very, very big influence for the whole project, I wanted it to sound pretty surreal - and that’s why I referenced, like, loads of my favourite artists and being with them in a room. So it’s almost too good to be true and it’s like, “wow, I can’t believe this.”

That’s why it’s like “I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming. Can’t control my feelings. That means I must be sleeping and I don’t know where this thought pattern’s going. My control’s getting narrow and I feel my time slowing.” It’s all like… I wanted it to sound very sedated and very, kind of, like just waking up from a dream and almost druggy if that makes sense? Like, almost, like you’ve smoked a lot of weed and you’ve just woke up.

I don’t know if I’m allowed to mention drugs, but, smoked a lot of herbs and woke up just a bit, like, spaced and that’s how I wanted that track to sound - and I think the beat, kind of, does that justice as well.

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